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The tools and solutions on this page are all resources Allison recommends, and many of them we actively use. If it makes the list, Allison has decreed that it will improve efficiency for some aspect of your digital media marketing workflow. A few of the links have affiliate codes. Heard of something not on this list? There may be a reason why Allison doesn't recommend it, so drop us a line and ask us about it!


Open source, infinitely scalable, platform and designer neutral, WordPress continues to grow by leaps and bounds. More than 25% of the Internet runs on WordPress! Have items to sell online? Their WooCommerce components make integrated shop pages a breeze; no subscription required.

About WordPress

Google Apps

Google owns search, so every business should have at least a free Google account. This account, tied to a gmail email address, give you Google Drive, a cloud-based storage solution for documents and images. Google Drive includes team features like sharing and commenting, too! Google Calendar syncs with gmail and integrates with many solutions. Upgrade to a Business account and put your domain name over your gmail account so you can use gmail and look professional at the same time.

About Google Apps for Work (and free trial)

GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress itself is free, but it needs a web host. Time was, GoDaddy was not well regarded for meeting the needs of WordPress. That changed in 2015 with the release of GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting! We recommend the Deluxe package, which features 1-click staging. Plus, GoDaddy makes working with an agency like ours really easy (and we can often get you discounted pricing)!

About GoDaddy Managed WordPress


Every business should have a Facebook Page and should also post to at least one other social media network (which one depends on your industry and your goals). To keep up with posting strategies to multiple networks, we recommend HootSuite, which includes a lot in its free service.

About HootSuite


Email marketing is still alive and well, and a great way to communicate with the customers you already have. MailChimp's starter level is free and includes an impressive number of features. Templates and drag-and-drop functionality make it easy to craft attractive communications. Plus, it integrated with Facebook, WordPress, and more.

About MailChimp


When your integrated marketing strategy goes beyond HootSuite to include targeted landing pages, campaign-based calls to action across social media and email marketing, and keyword-leveraged blog posts, you may be ready for HubSpot. We are a HubSpot Agency Partner and can asses how this premium solution can help you increase clients and efficiently on-board them to your services. A fantastic solution for professional service providers!

About HubSpot

Want the DIY Approach?

We can help you build a strategy and workflow so your team can carry out your own social media marketing. Get a little guidance, and get on your way!